What is Applied Mathematics?

Applied Mathematics is a mathematical science with broad uses and applications. Applied mathematics has laid the foundation for many modern theories and software used in the medical, scientific, engineering, finance and business fields today. Almost everything that we use on a daily basis has been invented or optimized through the use of applied mathematics. Some examples include:

  • Electronics: televisions, computers, video games, smart phones, and modern appliances
  • Transportation: Automobiles, air planes, space shuttles
  • Systems and Processes: Traffic light systems, social choice theory, inventory systems, internet search engines

Applied mathematics research is often conducted when an improvement is needed in academia or industry. In addition, when current systems of mathematics are unable to predict the required outcomes, these practical applications motivate the need to develop new pure mathematical theories.

Due to the extensiveness of the field of applied mathematics, there are a number of possible applied mathematics papers that would qualify for the Analysis of Applied Mathematics. If you have any questions about whether your topic is eligible for submission, please contact us at info@analysisofappliedmathematics.org.