Dr. Colleen Spiegel – Editor

Editor of Analysis of Applied Mathematics – Dr. Colleen Spiegel

Dr. Colleen Spiegel has 16 years of experience working as a research engineer/scientist, and engineering business owner. Her work experience includes mathematical modeling, scientific research studies, process engineering, and technical & scientific writing. Some of the companies that Dr. Spiegel has worked with include Catalent Pharma Solutions, Draper Laboratory, Bausch & Lomb, McGraw-Hill, Elsevier Science as well as many others.


Dr. Spiegel has written two textbooks: ‘Designing and Building Fuel Cells’ (McGraw-Hill, 2007), ‘PEM Fuel Cell Modeling and Simulation Using MATLAB’ (Elsevier Science, 2008). She has also written many books and reports including ‘Opportunities for Coal-Based Products’ (BCC Research, 2006) and Global Electronics: High Growth Products and New Markets (BCC Research, 2007), Commercial Amino Acids (BCC Research, 2008), and Renewable Energy Science Education Book (Horizon Fuel Cell Technologies, 2009).

Previous Business

Colleen used her engineering and applied mathematics background to start a company called Clean Fuel Cell Energy, LLC. Clean Fuel Cell Energy (CFCE) served universities and companies by designing, building, and mathematically modeling fuel cell and electrolyzer stacks. During Dr. Spiegel’s tenure as owner of CFCE, she realized that she could help adults and children of all educational levels to understand difficult topics. Therefore, she has been educating and translating difficult mathematical, scientific and engineering concepts into easy to understand content ever since. Colleen can be contacted via email colleen@analysisofappliedmathematics.org.