• Importance Of Mathematics
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    When I was a high school student twenty years ago, I was not a big advocate of math. In fact, I thought that it was boring, and I often did not understand the real world application. However, I ended up with a PhD in engineering! Now after being in industry for 16 years, I understand how math has helped us to develop as a society, and how it is involved in almost everything that we touch. Some of the items that have been designed using mathematics includes televisions, computers, cell…

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  • Should You Go to College or Grad School?
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    During my undergraduate years, my goal was simply to finish my bachelor’s degree. It was not an easy degree (chemical engineering), and working full time made it even more challenging. I had a good friend that I went to college with, and we both worked graveyard shifts in the medical field. Around exam time, we slept between classes in our cars! Somehow, we made it through, and my friend vowed never to go back to…

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